January 15: Skinny jeans

I am not what you would call “trendy”. I’m usually among the last of my friends to try new technology or fashion trends. When skinny jeans came on the scene a few years ago, I didn’t even bother to find any in my size. I thought you had to be a stick for them to be flattering. Even as skinny jeans appeared here to stay, I didn’t pay them any mind because I have “track legs”. You know, legs that look like I ran track? In my experience, that comment is usually a euphemism for thick thighs. Well, after surviving December with one pair of jeans that can fit into my calf-length snow boots, I thought it would be a wise investment to buy some skinny jeans.

Who knew UGGs looked so cute?

The first pair of skinny jeans I tried on, I broke a nail trying to get them on. Not a minor cosmetic break, mind you, but an into-the-nail bed-break. I didn’t even bother to try on a bigger size. It took several weeks before I felt that I could mentally handle skinny jeans shopping. Over winter break, I tried on about six pair of skinny jeans that looked age appropriate (i.e., no rhinestones, no tacky label across my butt cheeks; no low cut). I found a pair that fit well, if only a little snug. The waist didn’t gap, the amount of spandex was perfect (because looking like a sausage isn’t cute), and the rise was high enough to avoid a muffin top. Bonus: they cost $16.99 + tax *smile*

Well, this weekend, after three weeks of intense workouts I felt confident enough to want to wear my skinny jeans for running errands. Much to my surprise, the jeans were too big in the waist and fit everywhere else perfectly! I can’t believe I rocked some skinny jeans *smile* Yay for exercise!


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  2. Brittany
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 22:39:08

    What brand are the jeans? I’m always having trouble (along with the rest of the female population) on finding jeans that fit well!


  3. newyearnewmenewthings
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 14:22:47

    They are some brand I’ve never heard of: 17/21. I found them in the ladies’ jeans section.


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