December 27: Add a hem to a pair of jeans

I am not ashamed to say that I have never learned how to hem pants before. I never had a need to learn. But I will say that it is embarrassing that I was willing to pay a seamstress $10-15 to hem them for me! For at least 2 years, I have had a pair of Ralph Lauren jeans I bought for $10. Other than the length of the pants, the jeans fit well and are flattering. I don’t like to wear heels, so when it became apparent that I needed to shorten the jeans, I simply put safety pins in until I found a seamstress. Needless to say, I didn’t find that seamstress.

My mother saw my jeans and was mortified that her child had been walking around with safety pins in her pants. I didn’t think they were that noticeable while on, but who knows. I rarely wear the jeans because it is a bit trifling to walk around with safety pins in jeans I’ve owned for 2 years. My mother asked me why I didn’t hem them, so the dirty secret came out this Christmas that I don’t know how to hem pants. My grandmother was a seamstress, which further adds insult to injury. I could have YouTubed how to hem pants by now, but a combination of laziness, apathy, and forgetfulness took its toll.

So as my mom was hemming one leg of my jeans, I asked her to teach me how to do it. For the TKO, it’s so simple! Whenever I hear “hem pants”, I instantly think of home economics and having to whip out the sewing machine. It just sounded so complicated when in fact the hardest thing to do is to thread the needle! So, on Tuesday night, I learned how to hem *smile*. It was actually pretty fun if only because it was something I had never done before!

I feel very accomplished because so few people my age with limited (or no) sewing experience know how to do basic sewing tasks like sewing a button or hemming pants.


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