I’m a post-doctoral researcher in the field of chemistry education. I live in SW Ohio. I enjoy cooking, baking, traveling and exercising which will be evident to anyone who happens upon my blog. Each year since 2007, I have a theme for the calendar year. For 2011, I tried as many new things as possible with a minimum of 52 new things. My hope was that I would discover more about myself and in some way become a better person. I am certainly more fit than I was prior to training for a half-marathon and group fitness classes like spinning and Pilates. I have learned that I like parsnips and can make a mean pan of baked chicken with peppers. And thanks to my cooking 101 class, I now know how to perfectly sear salmon. Since people seem to like my musings, I will continue to post into 2012 (and beyond permitted there is interest) about new things I try.

My blog is meant to be entertaining and informative. As a scientist, I can appreciate knowing facts, so I will try to include as many reputable links as possible to support my claims. My writing style is a bit stream of consciousness, though I do make a concerted effort to be succinct while maintaining clarity of thought. I hope you enjoy my musings and that you return often to visit *smile*


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