July 29: 1800 Tequila Coconut

I am not a drinker. I barely qualify as a social drinker. The taste of alcohol is really, really unappealing. And because I never acquired a taste for alcohol, I’m not even a lightweight; I’m a featherweight. I feel a sense of intoxication just smelling alcohol. I don’t even know if it is biochemically possible to get a buzz from smelling alcohol lol but I do!…Okay, so my cousin had a housewarming party yesterday. The bar filled up rather quickly with wine and spirits. One particular bottle caught my eye: the 1800 Coconut. Jose Cuervo does an excellent job of branding. Not only is their name instantly recognizable,but the shape of the one liter bottle is really distinctive. I was particularly drawn to the coconut part because I love love love coconut. Coconut milk, coconut pie, coconut cake, macaroons, magic bars, coconut water, coconut meat. I must have been from a tropical locale in my last life because pineapple and coconut are two of my favorite things. I actually like them more than chocolate, which is saying quite a lot. And all three together? Don’t get me started!

Anywhoo, so I tasted the tequila and was instantly hooked. It’s smooth with a robust, but not overpowering, coconut flavor. A little bite on the back of the tongue was the only cue that I was drinking alcohol. My cousin didn’t have pineapple juice, so I mixed half-of-a-shot-if-that with about 6 oz of ginger ale and garnished with a sliver of lime. I had three 6 oz cups before the night was over! We had to hide the bottle of 1800 halfway through the party because guests were like me lol.

Yes, I will be buying a bottle of 1800 with my first paycheck at the end of August. And when I go to happy hour (metro D.C. is like the land of happy hour), I know what I’m ordering! I feel quite cosmopolitan now having the beginnings of a signature drink *smile*


April Potpourri

i don’t even remember the last time i came on to blog. it’s been a really busy month travelling for person and professional reasons. i think i’ve been in ohio two weeks this month! with my camera being out of commission, i have been less tempted to actually try really exciting, picture-worthy, things.

so let’s see, what all have i tried new in april? while on vacation in new orleans, i tried plenty of new things. i enjoyed a delicious hazelnut martini with my jambalaya pizza at Peppers Pizzaria in houma. both were new additions to my palate. then near the french quarter, i sampled the infamous monsoon at Port of Call. it must have been a cup of hard liquor in a 32 oz container  that was then filled to the brim with fruit punch. the burger was also really thick, juicy and tasty! you need something to sop up all that liquor *smile* overall, it was just really nice visiting the french quarter and a few nearby neighborhoods. i just really love the iron balconies and colorful homes.

then i returned to ohio to drive to south carolina to collect data for one of t he research projects i am working on. i had the wonderful opportunity to drive through the great smoky mountains. i don’t know that i have ever seen greens as vibrant as the foliage decorating the different parks along I-40 and I-26. i thought the mountains along I-75 along the kentucky-tennessee border were spectacular, but i had yet to see Cherokee National Forest and Pisgah National Forest. i wish they had areas along the highway to stop and take pictures or just take in the sights. i would love to go back and visit when i have more time.

other random things i’ve tried this month are spaghetti with ground chicken. while i enjoyed the dish, i definitely prefer spaghetti with ground turkey. i expected poultry to take seasonings in similar manner, but the chicken definitely needed some more spices. with food prices being what they are, i’m going to probably learn to like ground chicken since it seems to be on sale more often than ground turkey.

oh, and finally, i am a happy netflix subscriber. i joined last month actually by taking advantage of the one month free trial. i have since been enjoying the online options as well as the DVDs sent to my house. i became addicted to Dexter. i’m currently only season 4, which i am finding a bit soap opera-ish meaning it’s kind of a stretch to believe it compared to the previous seasons. i also enjoy documentaries available online. i feel more worldly having seen about three dozen of them, as they show stories not covered by mainstream media. it’s truly amazing what we don’t see on television or read about in the news.

i hope that with the end of the semester wrapping up soon that i will have more time to try new adventures and more importantly, have time to write about them!