January 23: Aqua jogging and roasted potatoes

I’m rather behind in my updates, but rest assured I have tried many new things in the last several days *smile*. First, I tried aqua jogging during my Sunday swim. My swimming buddy was sick, so I went alone. Sunday mornings are pretty dead around the pool, which meant I could swim more than 40 laps (=1000 yds) if my body permitted. In addition to picking up a kickboard, I chose an aqua belt as well.

I only took four breaks, though they were not rest breaks. I inhaled some pool water and had to expel some of it; the other times were to adjust my swim cap and goggles. I actually finished 40 laps in 35 minutes and wasn’t the least bit tired at the end. I figured I could manage 250 more yards and wanted to aqua jog. After about 3 yards, I realized that I would never make it jogging in the water. I almost guarantee I was not jogging correctly, but my arms became sore almost immediately. I turned around and propelled myself backwards, which was much more efficient! The sensation was actually quite exhilarating. I became much less worried about how ridiculous I must have looked and just began to enjoy myself. With the aqua belt, my fear of inhaling pool water and panicking into a frenzy was gone. I actually did the breaststoke and wasn’t too shabby. Of course, it took me forever to swim the 25 yards, but I alternated swimming the breaststoke on my belly and on my back, though the latter I doubt was a true breaststoke. Let me tell you, moving my legs like a frog while on my back had my inner thighs and glutes working! The other wonderful thing about the aqua belt was that even though I had to rest doing the breaststroke properly, I could just stop where I was and treadwater until I could finish the lap. Kickboarding is like exercising, but using the aqua belt is like being a kid playing in the pool! I felt so much less inhibited and much more willing to try different strokes.

Perhaps being so free-spirited in the pool motivated me to try to make roasted potatoes. I had been eating pork sausage patties with my frittata, which I made with Sargento mozzarella and provolone cheese, yellow tomatoes and orange tomatoes. The yellow and orange tomatoes made the frittata taste soOoO much better than when I used red tomatoes. But I digress. I had a few Green Giant red potatoes remaining from the stash I used to make a pot roast before the new year. I love roasted potatoes; I usually buy them frozen or eat them at restaurants. Never have I attempted to make them myself.

My first attempt at roasting potatoes

After scrubbing the tubers, I cut two medium and four small ones lengthwise then into wedges. I seasoned a quarter cup of olive oil with dried herbs and coated the potatoes. I wasn’t sure what temperature to roast the potatoes, so I went with the standard 350 F. Pouring the potatoes onto a parchment lined cookie sheet, they cooked for 50 minutes until they started to brown. Evidently, I was supposed to roast the potatoes at 475 F, which would have taken them considerably less time to cook. Regardless, the potatoes turned out quite well. They were in serious need of some salt, so I lightly sprinkled them with table salt. I will definitely make homemade roasted potatoes again because I grow tired of baked potatoes and mashed potatoes.

My mouth is watering just looking at this picture!

Bottom line: Aqua jogging in deep water is for the birds, but the aqua belt is a great workout tool. I experimented with different arm strokes and leg kicks to make my workout more enjoyable than simply kickboarding. Then for dinner, I successfully roasted red potatoes as a healthier side for my frittata than pork sausage patties. Great day of new experiences! Pictures will be forthcoming *smile*