August 24: Capitol Deal

Thus far, I have resisted the whole social coupon phenomenon. Friends on Facebook bragged about the awesome deals they found on GroupOn or LivingSocial. I, however, remained unimpressed. Just like with coupons from the Sunday newspaper, I knew better than to hop on that bandwagon. I always spent more than I would have with coupons than without. I mean, who can resist $0.50 for Oreos?!?! Yea, yea don’t buy it if you don’t need it, but it’s $0.50 for $4 cookies. The psychology of a good deal is really overpowering.

Well, I decided to try out this coupon thing today. I ride Metro to work, and during morning rush our, the Washington Post provides a free Express newspaper. It’s a quick read, and since people don’t actually like to speak to other people in this city, it’s something productive to do during my 25 minute commute. I noticed the daily ad for Capitol Deals which has three brands: one for merchandise or retail, one for food, and one for travel. I didn’t start paying attention to them until last week when Ben and Jerry’s stores in the area were running a year supply for $69 (2 pints per month). I had to talk myself out of that deal because I don’t eat ice cream like that and I was already watching my waistline grow. That run on the National Mall would have to happen daily, in addition to whatever fitness DVD I did in the morning lol…It’s so not worth it!

But Wednesday, I saw a deal I could live with: $25 for painting and wine, or $49 for two people. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at painting, and $25 did not seem like an unreasonable price to pay when all the supplies are provided. So I invited my cousin and bought the voucher this morning! I think the activity will be a great bonding experience and just plain fun! The worst that happens is I have to use my painting for laundry room art instead of living room art lol. But I’m super excited. We have until February 2013 to redeem the voucher, and each month the establishment posts a calendar with paintings of the month. For those unfamiliar with these painting and wine events, everyone paints the same portrait. As with ice skating, I may turn out to be a better painter than I expected. The last time I painted was with Crayola paints in elementary school. I hope I’ve improved from a refrigerator painter just by virtue of being older lol. In the event I enjoy myself exceedingly well, then the regular price of $50 per person is not so bad for free art for my office or for home. And who knows, Mama might still like to display her daughter’s art *smile*