January 25: Mighty Meal, the “healthy” version

I had one of those days. My research data was not as good as I hoped and when I went to swim my stress away, I happened upon swim team practice. The four available lanes were taken, and I was frustrated that I wasted 30 minutes of my life walking across campus and changing into my bathing suit only to have to walk back in the bitter cold without so much as  getting my feet wet. Mentally, I had zero desire to be productive, so I decided I was going to cave into my incessant craving for McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets. For the last 2 1/2 weeks, I have endured the relentless add campaign for the special pricing for a 20 piece. I live a block from a restaurant; it’s been really hard to resist. But with the day I had, I made the choice to indulge. I had 881 calories remaining for dinner, so I visited mcdonalds.com to choose a meal that was nutritionally reasonable. The Mighty Meal with apple dippers, low fat caramel dip, and 1% low fat chocolate milk and sweet and sour sauce was 620 calories. With six nuggets, I thought my craving would be satiated.

I have ordered Happy Meals and Mighty Meals before when I wanted McDonald’s but not all the unhealthy that usually comes with a visit. I mean, do I really need 10 McNuggets? Even when I think the answer is yes, by the time I finish a salt-ridden meal, I instantly regret my decision. So, while I receive funny looks for ordering a kid’s meal sans a child, I don’t care. Today was the first time I opted for the healthier version of the kid’s meal; in the past, McDonald’s was a quick and cheap place to indulge in all manner of unhealthy: McNuggets, large fries, soda and 2 apple pies!

Sweet and salty...a satiating indulgence

I prepared my dinner on a plate and enjoyed it like any other meal. I was surprised that the apples did not have skin, but they were plentiful and sweet. For once, I didn’t not finish a McNuggets meal feeling the need to drink a gallon of water to dilute the salt. Hopefully, the limited time advertisemens for the 20 piece McNuggets end before another salt-craving creeps up on me *smile*, especially after this report about how salty snacks can harm you in 30 minutes by constricting blood vessels for up to two hours following a single meal!