January 20: Body composition analysis and Subway breakfast

As part of the swimming distance challenge, I received a complimentary body composition assessment. Since we also receive another complimentary assessment at the end of the challenge, I thought I would take advantage of the gesture and stand on the fancy scale. I have never had my body fat measured. Of late, I have been concerned about being “skinny fat”. While I used the term years before it became mainstream (it’s not the most creative of terms, so it’s not a surprise others settled on it as well), I was not aware of how problematic being skinny fat can be in terms of one’s health. I actually have to watch my diet because of concerns that my blood pressure is borderline high. I don’t like taking ibuprofen for cramps, so what do I look like taking a pill so I don’t die from a preventable disease. But alas, according to the body composition analysis, I actually don’t have enough fat. Yeah, I said wtf, too.  

Okie, so here’s the run down. I was not able to eat or drink within 3 hours of the test, nor could I take it within 3 hours of waking up. I could not have exercised, consumed excessive food, or drank alcohol within 12 hours of the test. It was just a lot of can’t associated with the test. So, I decided I would visit the campus recreation center as soon as possible this morning. 

The test was performed using the Tanita Body Composition Analyzer, model TBF-310; it was a very quick process, about 5 minutes. It took the staff member longer to enter my age and height than it did for the analysis to be completed. I was given a receipt with all my statistics on it. I’ve lost a few pounds in the month since I was last on a scale; I didn’t expect to have lost much weight since most of my exercising involves strength training as well as cardio. What was a surprise — and I’m not sure I quite believe it even though I followed the “rules” — is that I’m 13.1% body fat. As a woman, the normal range listed on my analysis receipt is 21 – 33%. My total body water (TBW) is about 62% of my body weight, which is normal. Body mass index (BMI) is 25.3, which interestingly indicates I am overweight lol. Good thing I don’t have a complex! The final reading I will share is my basal metabolic rate (BMR). I need 1453 calories for basic body functions.

Since I chose to do the body composition analysis this morning, I couldn’t eat breakfast at home. I didn’t have anything portable (I usually cook oatmeal on the stove); besides, I wanted to build a better breakfast and try a meal from Subway. I usually make my own breakfast, and if I do eat out it’s at a sit down restaurant. But I needed a quick meal and knew from all the product placement during Biggest Loser and commercials during Fox NFL Sunday that Subway would be my healthiest option given the choices I had near campus.

I was too hungry to take a picture of the Sunrise Subway Breakfast Melt on flatbread, but it looked, smelled and tasted scrumptious. According to the website, the Melt is 540 calories for a 6 inch sandwich. However, the sandwich I built was 450 calories because I chose different options. For example, I was able to get a third piece of turkey instead of the standard one piece of black forest ham. I did go with bacon, so I thought I would save myself the trouble of having too much sodium with ham and bacon. I also had an egg white patty, pepper jack cheese, banana peppers, spinach and tomatoes on my Melt. Had I gone with the English muffin instead of the flatbread, I could have saved 50 cents and 140 calories. For the record, that was a Pillsbury reduced fat cinnamon roll with icing. Yea, the flatbread was yummy but it didn’t compare to a cinnamon roll lol! I ate 3.5 hours ago, and am still quite full.

Bottom line: Definitely try the body composition analysis if your gym offers it, or consider buying a scale for personal use if it’s something you would use more regularly. And for $4, a Subway breakfast is yumdeliocious. It’s very easy, and much cheaper, to replicate at home but for a fast food meal, it’s good for the wallet and the waistline *smile* In fact, I’ll add replicating the breakfast at home one day soon!